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Mazdak to outline technology focused on addressing reservoir sedimentation
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Emerging technologies could assist in lengthening the lifespans of the nation’s reservoirs plagued by sedimentation. The Missouri Sedimentation Action Coalition invites the public to learn more about one approach from Mazdak International Inc., during a free webinar Friday, Oct. 28th beginning at 11 a.m. central.

Mazdak International Inc. of Sumas, Washington, was a finalist in the Guardians of the Reservoir Prize Competition and captured the Innovation Award in September with its slurry pulsejet engine. Baha Abulnaga and David Dibley of Mazdak developed this new technology.

Abulnaga will outline the technology and provide information about another of its projects designed to address the transport of sediments.

“The Guardians of Reservoirs noticed that current technology at depth exceeding 50 feet was very limited and challenged the innovators for new solutions for depth of 50 feet to 200 feet or even deeper, such as the Hoover Dam that is 600 feet deep,” Abulnaga said. “Mazdak International developed a new submersible platform that operates on the principle of an internal combustion liquid piston engine. The submersible dives to the depth of 200 feet and operated on the principle of creating the pressure needed to push the slurry up to a mother barge. This is achieved by the detonation of a mixture of a gaseous fuel and air against a liquid piston of dredged sediments and water. Fuel and compressed air are supplied from the mother barge, while slurry and exhaust gases are directed in the opposite direction in separate pipes to the mother barge and then pumped further around the dam in a floating slurry pipeline. The invention is called ‘Slurry Pulsejet Engine’ because it generates pulses of slurry.”

The inventors are also working on collecting methane emissions from reservoirs to convert them as fuel for dredging using the slurry pulsejet engine. It is estimated that the methane emissions from water lakes, rivers and reservoirs could cover all the electricity needs of the Earth for 2018, Abulnaga said.

Continued sedimentation at the nation’s reservoirs threatens project benefits and impacts the environment downstream of dams. It can also impact areas upstream of the reservoir including tributaries.

Email msaconline@gmail.com for the webinar link or visit www.keepitwater.org to register. MSAC intends to offer additional webinars introducing emerging reservoir sedimentation management technologies. MSAC continues to develop a sediment management plan with stakeholders and river managers for the Lewis and Clark Lake region. MSAC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to education and promoting action to address sedimentation in and around the Missouri River reservoirs.

The Bureau of Reclamation selected D-Sediment team from Germany as the prize winner of the Guardians of the Reservoir Prize Competition, according to Reclamation’s press release dated Sept. 15, 2022. The 3 D Dredger™ Team was presented with the Versatility Award. Reclamation partnered with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and NASA Tournament Lab and HeroX on this competition, which was launched on July 14, 2020 to develop more cost-effective sediment removal methods for reservoirs.

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